Improving Maintenance Efficiency, Reducing Downtime & Increasing Productivity for Kingspan

Multi-Site CMMS Adoption at a Global Building Materials Manufacturer.


Kingspan, a leading global manufacturer of advanced insulation and building envelope solutions, faced challenges in managing its maintenance activities and tracking asset performance. Kingspan required a solution that could help improve its maintenance efficiency, reduce downtime, and increase productivity. The company needed a comprehensive Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) that could be rolled out to a large workforce across multiple plants globally.

PEMAC ASSETS CMMS can seamlessly integrate with 3rd party PLC systems to enable full predictive maintenance management.


PEMAC, a trusted maintenance management software provider, worked closely with Kingspan to implement its best-in-class PEMAC ASSETS CMMS software and provide training to ensure the software was utilised effectively. PEMAC and PEMAC ASSETS CMMS software delivered the following solution to Kingspan:

Work Order Management & Preventative Maintenance

  • Enabling reduced downtime by capturing more details for analysis, and improving decision-making around maintenance resourcing.
  • Automated transfer of detailed work instructions across sites globally.
  • Capturing complete historical records of all interactions per machine assisting Kingspan with audits.
  • Improved CMMS usability through the PEMAC mobile app increasing the accuracy and timeliness around job closeouts.

Inventory Management

  • Captures a common view of spares shared across all sites, reducing downtime and minimising the amount of capital tied up in parts.
  • Improved spare parts management and rationalisation

Asset Performance & Reporting

  • Delivering reports as required by Kingspan’s Corporate Key Performance Objectives.
  • Improved understanding of resourcing and training needs.
  • Ability to export routine and work order data into MS Excel.
  • Supporting Kingspan’s requirements for ISO Certification.

Systems Integration

  • The ability to integrate ERP with CMMS provides Kingspan finance with greater visibility over maintenance costs and cost control.
  • Purchasing is managed directly within CMMS rather than ERP.



The sharing of work order instructions across global sites has standardised Kingspan’s maintenance practices and consistency of work. This has facilitated improved efficiencies via group-wide benchmarking and the sharing of lessons learned and maintenance best practices.


Spare parts rationalisation and visibility across regional business units allow individual Kingspan sites to share parts with each other as and when required. This reduces the need to carry large quantities of inventory at each site, reducing the overall inventory-carrying costs for the group.


PEMAC ASSETS has vastly improved Kingspan’s ability to analyse and report on its equipment downtime. With more detailed downtime information available via CMMS, Kingspan can perform detailed analysis to correctly identify how to reduce downtime, resulting in significant cost savings and increased profitability.


The seamless integration between PEMAC ASSETS CMMS software, the mpx/WMS software, and storage handling systems streamlines maintenance workflows by automating the process of requesting and retrieving spare parts. This minimises delays and disruptions, allowing maintenance technicians to focus on their core responsibilities and complete maintenance tasks efficiently.


PEMAC ASSETS gives users within Kingspan full visibility of production equipment and machinery, as well as workplace safety equipment, such as PPE and eye wash stations. Ensuring equipment is always in perfect working condition protects Kingspan employees and reduces associated insurance costs.


PEMAC has a longstanding relationship with Kingspan, with its software now used in more than 20 Kingspan plants across the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

PEMAC ASSETS CMMS software is the perfect fit for Kingspan. The software provides a comprehensive solution for managing maintenance activities, scheduling work orders, and tracking asset performance.

Since implementing PEMAC ASSETS CMMS software, Kingspan has significantly improved maintenance efficiency, reduced downtime and increased productivity.

“PEMAC ASSETS CMMS allows us to track asset performance in real-time, schedule preventative maintenance, and monitor inventory levels, among other benefits. The software has also helped Kingspan save time and money by streamlining our maintenance processes.” Ken Graham, Divisional Planned Maintenance Leader, Kingspan Insulation Limited

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