PEMAC ASSETS Software Release v3.9 Now Available

We are delighted to announce the release of PEMAC ASSETS Version 3.9.

Safety is paramount, especially in hazardous work environments. That’s why we’re introducing the all-new PEMAC ASSETS Permit to Work (PtW) module, dedicated to ensuring the safe execution of work activities. With PEMAC ASSETS v3.9, you can now navigate potentially hazardous conditions with confidence and compliance. What sets PEMAC ASSETS PtW apart from other systems is that it integrates with our CMMS software. 

We’ve introduced two new Data Import sheets, allowing you to effortlessly update records in a single step. Enjoy enhanced efficiency and accuracy in managing your asset information.

In addition to these major updates, PEMAC ASSETS v3.9 comes with various enhancements and fixes, ensuring a smoother and more reliable user experience. 

Key Enhancements Include:

New Permit to Work Module

PEMAC ASSETS New Permit to Work (PtW) software is designed to enhance safety, efficiency, and compliance across all operational sites. Our latest software solution offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to meet the complex demands of modern workplaces. Discover how our innovative software can transform your permit-to-work process, ensuring a safer and more efficient work environment.

Benefits of PtW Include:

  • PtW & CMMS Integration.
  • Improved Safety Compliance. 
  • Improved Communication &    Collaboration. 
  • Increased Awareness. 
  • Improved Efficiency & Safety. 
  • Centralisation. 
  • Real-time Monitoring of Permit to Work Process.

Key Features of PtW

  • Template Designer for Design and Build of Permits.
  • Unlimited Permit Templates.
  • Print and Download Permits.
  • Conditional and General behaviours
  • User-Defined custom and conditional workflows
  • Permit Conflict Management.
  • Isolations Management LOTO (Lockout–Tagout).
  • Test Control.
  • Document Attachments.
  • Electronic Signatures and Physical Signature Capture.
  • Workflow Notifications.
  • Work Order Scheduling with Integrated Permits
  • Google Map Integration.
  • Workplace Physical Location Identification.  


The Permit to Work module is also available on the PEMAC Assets Mobile application when online. 

This facilitates the management of Permits in the following areas:

  • Permit Preview.
  • Progress Workflows.
  • Add additional permit holders. 
  • Add and view Attachments.
  • Complete Tests
  • Review Conflicts.
  • Manage Isolations / De-Isolations.
  • Google Map integration.


All reports in PEMAC ASSETS can now be exported to MS Excel. This allows Managers to easily use the data in the reports for additional analysis.


A Danish Language Pack is now included in PEMAC Assets along with the existing Languages Packs for German, Spanish, Finnish, Dutch, Polish and Arabic.

Data Import

The following new data import sheets allow the update of records in a single step:

  • Asset Update Data Import Sheet.
  • Asset Recode Import Sheet.

Arrange your PEMAC ASSETS Software Upgrade

To upgrade your current version of PEMAC ASSETS software to the latest Version (v3.9), please email or call  +353 1 466 3888 (ext 2).

The links in this newsletter redirect to the PEMAC Support website at the following address:

The support site gives you access to Product Documentation, details on Supported Platforms and Product Release Notes. It also has an easy search feature if you need answers or further detail on any other element of PEMAC Assets.

If you need credentials to access the PEMAC Support site, please contact PEMAC Support at

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