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Save up to 80% in maintenance costs and achieve 99% uptime in operations

PEMAC Assets Overview

PEMAC Assets is a modular and highly scalable web-based application that allows our customers to select, combine and integrate multiple PEMAC software modules on a single intuitive platform. Customers no longer need to look to separate products on different platforms to address their maintenance management needs, protect the health & safety of their people or manage change approval in a 100% paperless environment. All these modules can be provided today either individually or combined and fully integrated on a single platform with PEMAC Assets.

PEMAC Assets integrates with a wide range of third party ERP, financial, production (OEE), supply chain, spares management systems and smart machines, and contains an automated integration with SAP. PEMAC has delivered seamless ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software integrations for SAP, Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains), Integra and many other third-party solutions.


With more than 200 premium features, PEMAC Assets is a fully customisable solution enabling your organisation to become more intelligent with your maintenance.

Asset Register

Manage assets with inbuilt asset history and routine scheduling management


Intelligent dashboard reporting with Optimisation reports, full budget and cost tracking

Work Order Management

Maintenance history with routine and scheduling management  


Ensure accurate configuration of all instruments to provide sample results within acceptable ranges


Easily integrated with 3rd party tools, and contains automated SAP integration

Inventory Management

Manage stock control with integrated purchasing centre

Global Management

Manage multi- site, multi- currency and multi-language

Mobile Maintenance

Enable technicians to access from smartphones and tablets

Friendly UI

Easy-to-use with intuitive and highly scalable web-based platform

Approval Tools and Paperless Forms

Create your own paperless approval forms and approval flows for any activity or system change

Health & Safety

Manage staff and contractors by ensuring training, safety checklists and permits are completed. Maintain an automated and complete record and audit trail.


21CFR Part 11 Compliant, Pre-qualification module and change tracking.

Approval Tools and Paperless Forms

Create your own paperless approval forms and approval flows for any activity or system change

Health & Safety Management

Manage staff and contractors by ensuring training, safety checklists and permits are completed. Maintain an automated and complete record and audit trail.


21CFR Compliant, Pre-qualification module and change tracking


Drive safety, increase productivity and lower costs across your business using PEMAC. We also help to protect, manage and integrate your people as part of your maintenance management approach.


PEMAC Assets allows the scheduling, assignment, monitoring and closing of work orders quickly and easily. The easy-to-use platform allows you track work orders from request to closure and capture asset key metrics (downtime, MTTR, defect analysis) to ensure assets are working to optimum levels and standards.

Unplanned maintenance typically costs 3-5 times more than planned maintenance. Regularly maintained assets are less prone to failure and consequently significant reductions in repair costs can be achieved. Additionally, understanding what assets are failing and why allows you to optimise the maintenance plan for each asset.

A maintenance strategy covering the entire lifecycle of an asset translates into an asset that lasts longer. This means that significant replacement savings can be achieved, while lowering the average costs of production in the business. 

PEMAC Assets records stock levels and locations across multiple sites and delivers significant savings in the form of appropriately maintained stock levels. PEMAC links the spare to its associated asset, linking usage and identifying universal spares over time. This helps with both the ordering of spares for PM work, their replenishment and the setting of correct reorder levels to rationalise spare parts.

All assets and activities associated with the asset are recorded in the centrally located ‘Asset Register’ and can be viewed by the maintenance team. This means that information on your assets is easily retrievable and also that technicians can rely on past experiences when it comes to repairing or conducting maintenance on an asset.

Are you over-maintaining some assets? PEMAC’s intelligent reporting analyses the data collected, identifying over maintained assets and calculating the potential saving from changing the maintenance interval.


Preventative maintenance results in fewer breakdowns and allows for the effective management of maintenance team workloads. This means a more efficient and effective deployment of your human resources.

Regularly checked assets are more likely to stay at required safety standard levels. Improved safety minimises risk to employees & loss of work time due to accidents and reduces the risk of penalties and potential litigation. With PEMAC Contractor Management integrated with PEMAC Assets, you also gain savings with just one system covering all people and equipment.

Paperless maintenance not only reduces the administration cost of implementing a Paper based approval system, it reduces the risk of loss and also improves the quality of data captured and recorded.

PEMAC Assets mobile interface aids in the management of staff across large teams and allows job handling, dispatch and sign-off on a remote basis. Our easy to use system ensures that all maintenance personnel can view real-time information (about procedures, parts and tools necessary), check inventory, initiate and edit work orders from mobile devices and record spares used at the point of work.


PEMAC Assets Maintenance Intelligence dashboard / reports can be used to increase understanding of your assets. Use KPI’s (asset downtime, MTTR, maintenance costs, work orders status and cost of spare parts) to track performance over time and improve decision-making.

PEMAC Assets integrates with third party financial, production (OEE), supply chain, spares management systems and smart machines, and contains an automated integration with SAP. This integration capability allows for the creation of multi-source critical business and operational data that can then be used in the decision-making process. The integration with smart machines, feeding real-time operational data into the system improves the efficiency, accuracy and economic benefit of your maintenance management system.

PEMAC Assets maintenance software provides you with the relevant tools to put in place a maintenance strategy that decreases downtime and results in direct cost savings.

PEMAC Assets allows maintenance managers to efficiently and effectively demonstrate regulatory compliance and reduce the amount of time and preparation for an audit. Asset history reports detail the maintenance history of the asset, confirms the integrity of the asset and simplifies the compliance process. PEMAC Assets is 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant.

PEMAC Assets helps you put in place a planned maintenance strategy. Work can be carried out at a time that minimises interruption to production schedules meaning less disruption in day-to-day operations. With a strategy inclusive of People and Spares you can be assured of improvements in Mean time to Repair (MTTR) and extensions in Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF).


Whether you are a large enterprise with a global footprint or just taking the first steps in implementing a computerized maintenance management approach then PEMAC has a solution for you.

PEMAC solutions has been developed to be modular and highly scalable which allows us to tailor solutions for enterprise clients and also provide more economically priced, sector specific and packaged solutions for small and medium enterprise clients.

Large Enterprise Solutions

  • Tailor a solution specifically for your needs.
  • Integration with leading ERP systems available
  • SaaS or On-Premise solution options
  • On site consultation and implementation options
  • Premium support options

SME Solutions

  • Optimised for your industry
  • Feature packed solution at an economical price
  • Designed to scale as your business grows
  • Remote installation & support options

Our Clients

What Our Clients Say

We at Siemens chose PEMAC Care as it promotes excellence in workplace safety and enables us to effectively manage “Permits to Work” and “Contractor Management… This in turn greatly adds to the overall efficiency of our operations and ensures full compliance with regulatory requirements.

Head of EHS
Siemens Service Fossils

PEMAC has allowed us to become a paperless operation, significantly speeding up our workflows and reducing the risk of error

Engineering Manager
CG Global

PEMAC gives us greater visibility and traceability across multiple sites… PEMAC helps us manage all stock and track costs associated with spare parts, allowing us to measure the cost of maintaining each specific piece of equipment.

Engineering Manager

PEMAC has become a part of our daily lives and helps us maintain our very high production standards… We are very satisfied with both the product and support service provided by PEMAC

Head of Engineering
Newmarket Co–Op

We have used PEMAC for over 20 years and they have been a key driver of our TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) initiative

Technical Services Manager

PEMAC has allowed us to create a global platform and link multiple sites under one system. PEMAC provides the data to identify problem areas in our maintenance programme and helps us make better decisions

Maintenance Manager

After installing PEMAC our response time dropped from two hours to 7 minutes, we had huge reductions in downtime immediately… With PEMAC we know our important assets will be available when needed

Maintenance Manager
Boston Scientific
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