Unlock the Full Potential of your CMMS Data with PEMAC Business Intelligence Services

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PEMAC is delighted to announce the launch of our Business Intelligence (BI) Consulting Services. We now offer a complete Business Intelligence Service to help you unlock the full potential of your CMMS data. Our BI consulting teams will use their expertise to examine your site data, unleash insights and provide a clear report of what’s needed to take your people, assets, and equipment to the next level.

PEMAC Business Intelligence Service Model

PEMAC follows a BI Service Model approach to understand your business, your maintenance and operations goals, interpret CMMS and third-party system data, and offer advice to ensure maintenance management goals are achieved.

PEMAC’s BI Service Model is illustrated as follows:

Whether you’re looking to improve work order performance, analyse spare parts usage, forecast routine maintenance, or delve into other critical areas, our Business Intelligence service provides the tools and expertise to transform raw data into actionable intelligence.

Harness the power of your CMMS data like never before and take your maintenance management to new heights with our CMMS Business Intelligence service and suite of reporting templates.

PEMAC’s BI Service is independent of Business Intelligence applications, however, our consultants have a wide variety of experience using applications such as Power BI, TIBCO Jaspersoft, SSRS among others.

PEMAC’s Business Intelligence Reports

PEMAC has developed a standard suite of reports that contain the most common and important metrics for businesses. These reports will work straight off the shelf and can be customised as required. Our standard reporting suites include:

  • Open Work Analysis Reports
  • Work Order Performance Reports
  • Routine Forecast Reports
  • Spare Parts Analysis Reports

What are the Key Benefits of PEMAC Business Intelligence Services?

  • Gain deeper insights into equipment performance
  • Improve asset management
  • Optimise your maintenance strategy
  • Make informed business decisions

To learn more about our Business Intelligence (BI) or additional services, please email or call +353 1 466 3888. We look forward to hearing from you.

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