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Save up to 80% in maintenance costs and achieve 99% uptime in operations

The latest release of PEMAC Assets CMMS is now live with impressive updates across a number of modules. Tracking all equipment and stock, maintenance tasks and routines, plus Contractor and Permit Management are core to PEMAC Assets. Added to this, PEMAC Assets is web-based, works across multiple sites with multiple languages and currencies, and can easily integrate with existing ERP, OEE or financial platforms.  Some of the updates are highlighted below –

Maintenance Updates

PEMAC Assets’ Maintenance module is the heart of the CMMS. This module allows you to create preventative maintenance plans via routines; generate, plan and report on Work Orders generated from Routines; and record results using Work Histories. Overall, this module allows you to develop a strong maintenance strategy and ensure maximum asset availability. We have boosted this module in our latest release so users can now benefit from a number of new automated notifications based on any type of status change to a job, and Follow on Work Orders can be automatically configured to ensure all tasks are completed. According to our Users, the strongest update in this latest release of PEMAC Assets is the ability to optionally configure modules of the system to record signatures using a stylus, touch screen or mobile device.

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Contractor Management Updates

The Contractor Management module went live in a previous release of PEMAC Assets. You can read more about that here. Since then, we’ve added a number of new features to make the module more intuitive for our users, such as allowing Visit Requests to be created directly on the Persons Listings grid.

Mobile Updates

PEMAC Assets is completely mobile and available on both iOS and Android. We know our users need full mobile functionality with accurate data synchronisation. PEMAC Assets mobile enables this with the latest release containing extra validations to prevent Job duplication, and extra capability to allow Custom Attributes to be added.

3rd Party Integrations

PEMAC Assets integrates seamlessly with a number of 3rd Party systems including SAP. This latest release enabled synchronisation with Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains improving efficiency for our clients using this software.

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We’re constantly updating our product and our clients have full option to upgrade PEMAC Assets at each release. We schedule the releases and features within each release based on Client and Market requirements.

If you are interested in learning more, contact the team at PEMAC and we’d be happy to talk you through PEMAC Assets.